First Appearance: Chapter Five Pg. 150










Draconian Reptoid

Favorite Food


"I'll help anyway I can. I love a good romantic tryst!"

- Gracelis to Quazky, Chapter Six, Page 188

Gracelis is a Draconian Reptoid who resides amongst the upper echelons of their society, but tends to rub elbows with the peasants, such as Longus and Quazky.

She spends her hours smoking, preening, and bossing around her footman, Quazky. Despite the hinted romance between her and Quazky, Gracelis is engaged to Magnus, but it is for merely for political purposes, to which she does not have control of[1].

History Edit

It appears from artwork, that Quazky had been assigned her footman very early in their lives. Many arts depict her knowing him and his brother at a very young ages. Plus, she is shown knowing Hue for some time.

In story, we have not been given much information on her background nor any more detail in her position in society. We only know is that she is of importance and will carry out certain "duties" once betrothed[2].

Relationships Edit


Quazky is her footman of sorts and she quite enjoys bossing him around. However, despite the constant silly blatter and contrasting social status, they care for one another, and there is even hinted romance between them.


She and Longus seem to be on good terms despite their constant snarking of one another.


Gracelis is good friends with Hue and cares for the sweet little alien and his well-being. She hopes his romantic endeavors with Rose go well.


They are engaged, but merely for political reason. Gracelis is not really shown caring for Magnus other than this. Although, Magnus does seem aggressively protective of her, if only to maintain his status.




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