Rose Marie Williams
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"I have an open mind but not so open my brains will fall out!"

- Rose, Chapter Two, Page 56

Rose Marie Williams is a young woman in her mid-twenties in present day New York City whose life is turned upside down thanks to a chance alien encounter.


Rose lived in rural New York, probably since she was a child, attended to the same school as Roger. Roger says that Rose enjoyed living out in the country, but the found it creepy (Chapter 15). Rose's mother disappeared (though Rose later says she "left") when she was a young girl and her father died "of depression and drinking" approximately two years before officially meeting Hue. Her father had an attic study and would keep drawings of aliens there, apparently becoming obsessed with them after her mother went missing. Her father's death gave her a small inheritance, which she has been using to supplement her pay from the Police Station. After she is fired, Rose mentions that most of the inheritance has been used up.

Abductions and Meeting HueEdit

Rose has been abducted by Shade multiple times for several years, suffering from nosebleeds and memory loss after being returned. Her earliest abduction puts her in High School and both she and Roger were taken during their prom. According to Rose, her nosebleeds began when her mother disappeared, indicating that the abductions have occurred since she was a child.

The constant nosebleeds were a common nuisance, though they often caused Rose to be late to work. The memory loss, however, caused Rose to become more concerned. She remained unaware of the abductions until she visited a therapist, Dr. Freemont, who specialized in sleep disorders and posttraumatic stress disorder. Dr. Freemont suggests hypnosis, which causes Rose to vividly remember the events from her last abduction, including Hue. Dr. Freemont gives her the address of a group known as "Alien Abductees Anonymous"; Rose laughs it off, though Dr. Freemont insists they may be able to help.

Back at her apartment, Rose scoffs at the thought of going to the AAA meeting, convincing herself that it was all just a silly dream. Later that night, Hue abducts Rose under the influence of a Screen Memory. Rose believes herself to be in a splendid dream, but Hue loses control and Rose awakens on the ship and tries to flee. She meets Phillis for the first time who guides her towards a teleport and nearly falls to her death until Hue manages to save her and gently lowers her back to her apartment. The encounter leaves Rose confused; Hue is smitten.

A few days later, with the help of Quazky and a pendant with the ability to turn the wearer human, Hue visits Rose at her apartment. Though suspicious, Rose allows "the one that smiles" inside. Unfortunately, Rose becomes angry when Hue brings up the abduction program. Quazky storms in to rescue Hue, only to hit his pendant, turning him back into a Reptoid; Rose faints.

After meeting Hue for a second time, Rose decides to give AAA a try. Unfortunately, the group is unhelpful and unable to provide any answers; instead she is rudely kicked out when they don't believe her. Rose leaves in tears, calling it a "stupid idea" in the first place. While stopping in an alley, Rose meets Phillis again. Though Phillis is rather unhelpful as well, she tells Rose she is lonely and isn't trying to make fun of her. Rose perks up, but before she can say anything, Phillis disappears. On her way home, she bumps into a co-worker, Margot, who notices the AAA card.

The next day, at work, Rose finds that Margot replaced a picture of Roger with a sketch of an alien. Though Margot says it was just a silly joke, Rose becomes very aggravated. To make matters worse, she was late, again, and the station fires her. Later that day, she is visited again by Hue and Quazky. Rose decides to go out with Hue, but tells Quazky he's not invited. The two end up spending several hours together.

Rose is now completely aware of the existence of aliens and tries to deal with this new found knowledge as best as she can. Thankfully, she has Hue to help her adjust to the change.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Rose has shoulder length red hair and blue eyes. Her red hair curls around her face and is finished off with one big poof as her bangs. Rose tends to wear clothes with poofy sleeved and her hair loose. Doesn't seem to wear make up often except for special occasions.

Rose profile

Rose, while on the whole a caring person, can be quite feisty and isn't afraid to speak her mind to even the most dangerous of people, such as EBE1 in Chapter 16. She can be quite the little snarker as well and isn't afraid to insult and blicker with others. Also, in Chapter 16, Rose has shown to be brave, as when EBE1 struck Hue, she quickly went to Hue's side, defending Hue before EBE1 pulled her away.



Rose is Hue's first and only human contact, and the closest thing he has to a friend outside of Quazky. Hue is the only Grey she is willing to trust, his compassion and friendly demeanor a stark contrast to his fellow Grey's. Rose and Hue began a friendship. When Hue visited Rose again she offered to take him to the beach and during their time together got to know each other a little better. Hue has an obvious romantic interest in Rose, something Rose can not see.


Rose is both disgusted and afraid of Quazky due to his rude behavior and attitude towards her. The two frequently banter and insult one another. Little has changed in their relationship since first meeting.


Upon meeting Longus, Rose blushed and seemed to develop a slight crush on him. Longus, who until Rose started to flirt with him, was unaware of this just as Rose remains unaware of Longus' budding relationship with Don. However, on realizing Rose was interested in him, he put her off by saying "Trust me, I'm not your type."


Rose has known Roger since at least High School and has been dating since then. Twenty-seven at the start of the story, Roger is a few years older then Rose and have had an on again off again relationship. Since Roger's transfer to Majestic 12, Rose has had virtually no contact with Roger save for one hastily made phone call. The status of their relationship remains unknown.


Having remembered Shade from her past abductions, Rose is seen to be understandably scared of Shade in her natural form. However, once Shade is wearing her circuit Rose tends to relax slightly, but still has a distrustful attitude towards her. It appears that throughout the years she's abducted Rose, Shade grew possessive feelings towards her[1]. She has intense jealousy of Rose and Hue's relationship, and has been erasing their memories of each other[2].